New Toyota Hybrid Debuts in Detroit

Published Monday, January 12, 2009
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Today is an exciting day for the fans of the flagship Toyota hybrid, the Prius. In Detroit, the 2010 Prius has made its first appearance and, by all estimates, this third generation of Toyota’s successful hybrid has even more to offer than previous versions.

To start with, the 2010 Prius gets even better mileage than the previous models. It gets a combined fuel rating of 50 miles per gallon, almost ten percent higher than the previous version. A more powerful engine produces higher torque, which means that the vehicle produces fewer rpm on the highway. Increasing the highway efficiency is always a challenge in the hybrid world, and this new Toyota hybrid is making great strides toward that end.

There are three different modes for driving the 2010 Prius. You can drive it in Power mode, Eco mode, and EV-Drive mode. The Eco mode gives you battery-only operation at low speeds for a short distance. The Eco mode gives you the best possible mileage, and the power mode gives you a sportier feel to your driving.
The new Prius is more aerodynamic, as well. There’s a new rear spoiler, and the overall design has been tweaked to create less drag.

The 2010 Prius should arrive at your Toyota dealer near Glenside this spring.


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